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Air Conditioners

Get free warranty extension for your air conditioner with a simple registration


Health & Safety

A properly maintained air-conditioning unit will ensure optimal air quality besides keeping your home warm or cool. By regularly cleaning the air filters and the coils in your unit you make sure your family breathes clean, pure air. Additionally, when a unit doesn’t operate in optimal condition

Efficiency & Cost Saving

Routine maintenance such as inspections, oil and fluid changes, part replacements and other smaller adjustments can help your air-conditioning unit to run much more efficiently, thus you will benefit from energy savings. Moreover, in the long run, maintenance is always cheaper than ad-hoc service interventions. Preventive maintenance allows you to plan ahead and avoid rushed interventions.

Genuine Spare Parts, Tools and Equipment

The spare parts used by Daikin and our preferred service partners are all certified by Daikin, which means that the risk of failure and disturbances can be reduced while ensuring that the warranty is valid.

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Your benefits

  • 5 years spare part warranty for your unit
  • Service network certified by Daikin
  • Your contact point with Daikin & your service partner
  • Exclusive after sales care packages (soon)
  • All the history of your unit in one place

Heating Systems

Warranty extension up to 7 years for a free registration


Why is proper maintenance crucial?

Buying a new heating system is a long-term investment and therefore it is essential to provide regular, proper care by professionals, so you can enjoy a perfect home climate for a long time.

Daikin-certified service network

To ensure the quality and efficiency of the service we deliver, we continuously invest in the development of know-how and skills of our staff. We train and update them on the latest technical developments and service methods. Daikin Central Europe also wants to support our partners and professionals to keep the service quality and efficiency at the highest possible level. Therefore we also provide various technical trainings and seminars to our partners and professionals.

Maintenance scheduling & reminders

The Stand By Me system automatically schedules all required future maintenances both for you and your service partner, so you will never need to remember again. Moreover, the system also sends automatic reminders to you and your partner well before the deadline is approaching, so you will have plenty of time to schedule a visit.

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Your benefits

  • 3 years standard warranty + up to extra 4 years compressor warranty for free
  • Automatic maintenance reminders & scheduling
  • Yearly maintenance with online reporting
  • Daikin-certified service network
  • Easy contact with Daikin & your service partner
  • Exclusive care packages for your unit (coming soon)

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